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25g Oval Container Empty Deodorant Stick Packaging PP Unique Irregular Shape UKDS01A

  • This PP Deo Container is curved, it can be customized in other colors and patterns. The deodorant stick bottle is 52.3mm*83.3mm, capacity is  25g.
Total height:

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  • This is the bottom filling type deodorant container.  Made of PP material.
  • The characteristic of this product is that it breaks the conventional straight line design and adopts a curved surface design. All this is inspired by the strong interest of consumers in the current market for curved screens, so our designers, based in the cosmetic packaging material industry, inspired the use of curved surfaces.
  • While the unusual design looks great, it also presents a challenge for the manufacturer. Whether it is product production or printing, it is a test of technology, but at ukpack, we have more than 20 years of production experience, so there is no need to worry.
  • Accept customized service, we can customize bottle color, bottle pattern, etc.
  • Our skilled Experience can offer one stop service from design, mould developing, producing, Logo printing and final inspection to Take Good Care of the products.

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